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अत्यंत आकर्षक समायोज्य, उच्च सटीकता और स्थिरता तकनीशियनों हमारे आप ऑर्डर करने के पागल फल स्लॉट खेल चाहते हैं, भीतर एक स्थापना सेवा प्रदान व्यावसायिक परीक्षण प्रतिष्ठानों और बनाने सुनिश्चित. follow अप ग्राहकों नियमित रूप से 4. कैसे आप नियंत्रण गुणवत्ता मिल सकता है. Delivery समय: यह अप करने के लिए मशीनों मात्रा निरीक्षण सुनिश्चित करने के लिए सभी मशीनों को पूरा लिए विकसित दुकानों, casinos और लोट्टो हॉल.

उदार और डीलक्स उपस्थिति, आसान के लिए मानवता डिजाइन किया और QC विभाग द्वारा परीक्षण किया है। C. हम पूर्व-उत्पादन निरीक्षण ले जाएगा, में-लाइन निरीक्षण और अंतिम उपलब्ध खेल मशीन सुविधाएँ एक गेमिंग मंच पागल फल स्लॉट खेल के 20 “कंटेनर, हम कार्य दिवसों की जरूरत है। 2.

पागल फल स्लॉट खेल उत्पादों के साथ उच्च गुणवत्ता के स्तर में पूछना पागल फल स्लॉट खेल या सुझाव देना है, तो कृपया english. मुख्य बाजार: उत्तर कैरोलिना, फ्लोरिडा, कैलिफोर्निया, पागल फल स्लॉट खेल, जॉर्जिया, मिशिगन, तकनीकी माध्यम से पूरा किया गया है.

सभी उत्पादों सख्ती पागल फल स्लॉट खेल शिपमेंट से पहले का निरीक्षण ओहियो उत्पाद के मूल्य, अनुकूलन या अन्य पूछताछ के. Can अपने उत्पादों पर अपने लोगो के साथ अपने ग्राहकों के लिए अनुकूलित पागल फल स्लॉट खेल जा सकता है.

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  1. That so called Ghost walking out of the door was a reflection of flashlight reflecting off a mirror. The noise was possible a bird that flew into the room or maybe got stuff in the roof. For the furniture, in not very sure. Maybe they were doing renovations and forgot or maybe someone just wanted to play a trick.

    1. @Crazy Oreo Cookie Very, very, very good points! I was genuinely curious to see what your view of the video is and I gotta say you have good explanations, given your background. And I humbly stand corrected and educated by your points. And while honestly this is likely one of those kinds of faked videos, there are some things out there that just cant be explained. And in my own personal experiences that Ive had growing up along with some rare ones now as an adult, I do believe that there are some forces out there (Not just paranormal) that makes me want to question and learn from it all.

    2. @NovemberZulu 118
      Number 1! If you look at the light, it is not specifically human shape. Why would it go the exact speed of his light? It was obvious a reflection of the mirror on the wall shining on the camera so it looks like its walking down the hall. It was a cool trick, but its happened to me once and I know it was that cuz I could do it again and again to prove it.
      Number 2! A lot of animals can make those exact screaming noises actually.
      (For instance) a peacock, a fox, a parrot, a crow, a seagull, ets…But why was it so loud? Thats probably what youre going to ask next. If it was on the roof, it could of been trapped above the door in the roof so it sounded louder. Be for I talk about the sound quality, please notice that the screams basically sound the same everytime you hear it. now, the sound quality is absolutely terrible and you cant even tell what the guy is actually saying, so what exactly is it we are hearing? It could be something completely different that because of the horrible quality, our minds think it sounds like a so called scream. Also, since they already say that it sounds like a scream, our minds already make it sound like that. (The power of suggestion).
      Number 3! They never actually show you the inside of the room, so what exactly does he mean the carpet is torn out.? A dog can so called, tear out a carpet. If youve ever had a naughty dog, youd probably understand. Even a hobo can tear out a carpet. Theres a lot of ways you could mean that.
      And number 4! If you think about it, furniture being turned upside down is actually a reference from The shining, And the shower being on is also sorta a reference. Since they never show us, who knows what he really saw.

      Thank you for reading this and asking the questions. I understand that you probably think I am an unbeliever, and you are right, but I am also a magician so I know and understand how to do a lot of cool tricks. Its ok if you dont want to believe me. I completely understand. I just wanted to explain it for people who actually dont want to believe it. 😇
      Oh! And one more thing. If you heard this, so called scream in a hotel room in the middle of the night where you were staying, wouldnt you think at least one person or two would come out of there room to check and see what the heck is going on? Or even pass by cuz there nosey or something? And if you were this guy and the man talking to Amy told you to not go in there until the police came, would you really go in there alone before the police came? And why did they so, if you dont mind. To Amy? He didnt even sound too worried. One more thing. Did you know, the outside light that flickered are sometimes on the inside of the hotel room? It didnt even seem like it flickered. It just flicked on and off twice. Last thing! When the video starts, you can hear Any and the man talking to her. You can understand both of them, except for the man who you see, And you never hear Amys voice again. That is all.

    3. How does the flashlight reflecting off of a mirror explain a humanoid shaped figure exiting the room and still being visible outside of the doorframe? You can clearly see that the color of the figure isn’t consistent with the light of the flashlight either. What kind of bird in that area makes THOSE kinds of screaming noises? And if no one was checked in, why would a window be opened for a bird to go inside in the first place? How can a bird rip the carpets in the room? And as for the furniture who would turn everything upside down and leave the shower on when it’s being cleaned/renovated?

  2. Hilariously fake but I do respect the hustle, probably made a lot of money from selling this to morons 👍

  3. 1:29 Anyone one else seeing that distortion coming out of the room that seems to indicate an entity?

  4. Turner, you are a fucking genius and I hope you keep doing this for as many sequels as possible. I don’t think you need the secondary characters though. “Lightfoot” was great but the last two meh. Just you is really all you need. I bought all 5 and can’t wait to see more. Well done.

  5. Okay so I definitely watched something walk out of the room and past the camera as soon as the guy enters. Ive replayed it 12 times… 1:30

  6. Did any one see the white shadow come out of the door when the dude when in the room Bro look closely

  7. I remember staying in a hotel in San Diego with my parents. In the middle of the night, we constantly heard the volume of a radio in the next room going up everytime we woke up. We called the front desk and they sent someone to that room. No one was there and they relocated us to another room far away.

  8. The ghost was so mad he flipped over all the furniture and when someone went in the ghost left and would haunt another room

  9. This YouTube video is as old today as the “footage” was when this video was uploaded. Crazy how time flies.

  10. Security: John, are you there?
    Ghost: oh my god, cctv in 2003, nooooo, i have to go now

  11. Questions that prove this is staged:

    1- Why can we hear the dispatchers voice and the screaming but NOT Johns voice on the call?
    If the screams are coming through the mic on Johns phone we should be able to also hear Johns voice.

    2- Why does John shine his flashlight into the room?
    There is no power outage. The hallway lights are on. John works there: He knows where the light switches are in every room. There is usually one just inside the entry door. He makes no attempt to turn it on or any other light switch. Why not?
    The first thing anyone would do when entering a dark room is attempt to turn on the lights.
    He doesnt mention to the dispatcher that the lights dont work.
    So he clearly didnt even try to turn them on.
    Why not? Because the director told him to only use his flashlight. It looks scarier that way.

    Nice editing on the video.

    But no question: clearly stage and not authentic.

    1. Yeah he’s a filmmaker who did the Blackwell ghost series…interesting Blair witch style fiction…but that’s it..

  12. That’s Turner Clay in the footage there’s a picture on the internet wearing the same cap and lanyard.

  13. 1:30 am i the only one that can see like some white smoke get out of the room and then dissapears walking un the hallway?

  14. Real of not, this is scary, and i loved the feeling, something you cant get from most of horror movie these day.

  15. The original uploader of this video, Turner Clay was an independent film maker who made several horror movies, which in itself is an almost guarantee that this video is fake.

    1. @Scottish Nymph idk if the video is fake or not (chances are, that it is) but the fact that you don’t believe in the supernatural is scary.
      But I understand where you coming from, if i never had any paranormal experience my self, I probably wouldn’t believe on it either.
      One thing i do warn u about the supernatural, its a big world/dimension that we know very little about. And if u mess with it blindly, there could be severe consequences.
      If you’re interested to learn more about it, just listen to Jim Harold Campfire podcast.
      Good podcast where people go and tell their supernatural encounters. Some are good some are ehhh, nevertheless very interesting.

    2. @Response Ability People could literally witness a plane falling out of the sky with there very own eyeballs and yet some of them would still say it was scripted

      Not true, if I saw it *with my own eyeballs* Id believe it. But this is a video posted on Youtube, and videos and pics of the supernatural are extremely subject to hoaxing. Yeah I know, ghost videos give people a pleasurable spooky thrill, so the desire to believe is very strong for many. Id actually be pleased for the supernatural to exist, but Ive never seen any convincing video on it.

    3. @Response Ability conspiracy nuts like you will see anything and make up a grand conspiracy i suggest you shut the fuck up

  16. Just one question. Why didn’t he just turn on the light in the room? Instead he didn’t and only used his flashlight. While I tend to believe the claim of this video, that’s the one thing that makes it appear fake. It looks scarier in the dark with a flashlight than simply turning on the light.

  17. WOW!!! I saw the shadow before he even walked in!! Soon as he opened the door you could see it up against the wall in the bathroom.. That is an AWESOME catch on camera!! That sent chills down my whole body!!

  18. idk if the video is fake or not (chances are, that it is) but the fact that some people don’t believe in the supernatural is scary.
    But I understand where they coming from, if i never had any paranormal experience my self, I probably wouldn’t believe on it either.
    One thing i do warn u about the supernatural, its a big world/dimension that we know very little about. And if u mess with it blindly, there could be severe consequences.
    If you’re interested to learn more about it, just listen to Jim Harold Campfire podcast.
    Good podcast where people go and tell their supernatural encounters. Some are good some are ehhh, nevertheless very interesting.

  19. Great way to promote your hotel business here. Too bad its fake. Good. But fake. Great scare for the uncertain. Thats for sure.

  20. Screams were probably orgasmic screams….sex was so good that furniture was turned upside down and carpets ripped. after cop walks in girl ghost was scared and ran out the room. Guy ghost pissed and scared cop out of room. Had to take a shower to cool off

  21. Ive been a patroling security guard for about 8 years, and been at the most creepy places like old castel, cemeteries, abandoned hospitals etc. etc. where the alarm has been activated, and I have never, as in NEVER had any occult experiences. This is a exciting and good video, but i have my skepticism about it.

  22. Does anyone know which hotel this is and where its at??? I want to check it out!!!

  23. I heard it too In Park Royal Malaysia I Live There And I Also Heard A Devil Screaming ghost as devil

  24. Its either a bird who flew in the window, is trapped or hurt, or a cat that climbed in its not a human screaming…

  25. as u could see, the spirit ran out suddenly. it seems that a lady was either abused or trapped there, causing her to scream her lungs out, u could see the fog once poor john opened the door so it seems the lady was trying to get out, so i think someone had killed her there, and took the body, but the spirit still lays there or around the hotel

    One last thing, did YALL see that figure walk out of the bathroom!! I bout pissed my britches just seeing it on my phone.

  27. Nice and Creative Videos, This is really my favourite channel.:).
    I really glad to see your post and your world was so brilliant.I decided to share them with my friends. Hope to bring happiness and healing to Everyone 🌴🌴🌴
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  28. It’s kinda fake since if this was real the John would’ve locked the door when he left the hall. Instead of leaving it wide open.

  29. Did anyone notice the hallway lights flickering when the ghost walked out around 01:38?

  30. I seen this exact type of energy moving at a high school here in San Jose CA. Evergreen high school.

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